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Our House no longer has dorm beds, only private rooms.  We have 5 private rooms for rent and the sixth one is for our live-in caretaker. 
Although the rooms are available to book via the booking system as twin rooms and a single,  there are still extra beds and/or bunk beds in some of the rooms so just e-mail me if you are traveling with more people or just on your own and I can probably arrange that.  No promises though and no groups bigger that 5 people, it messes up the karma of the house.  Also we don´t rent the entire house out nor do we rent rooms out long term.  If you need a place for more than 2-3 weeks, a rental apartment is more reasonable.  The last on the exlusion list (and this is all derived from past experience) are Icelanders.   I no longer rent to Icelanders.  To generalize, they are nothing but trouble, always drunk and never pay ;)  Þetta gistiheimili er ekki hentugt fyrir Íslendinga  
The five private rooms we have, vary in shapes and sizes and you won´t really know which one you'll get until you arrive because of possible changes in bookings and other guests' numbers and needs.  You won´t want to waste much time in your room anyway and all of them do their job as a place where you can sleep if you are tired enough.   

Winter prices valid from September 1 2014 - November 10 2014*

single room:  9000 ISK

twin room:  12.000 ISK (
6000 ISK per person per night)

extra bed/person/child in the room:   + 3000 ISK per person per night (inquire by e-mail)
 * at the moment it is not possible to book anything after November this year because we have decided to sell the guesthouse and don´t know yet if the future buyers will want to keep it as a guesthouse or turn it back into a normal house
Summer prices valid from May 1 2014 - September 1 2014

single room:  13.000 ISK

twin room:   20.000 (10.000 per person)

extra bed/person/child in the room:  + 5000 ISK per person per night (inquire by e-mail)
linen (duvet + cover, pillow + cover and a sheet), towels, self-service breakfast, expressos, access to laundry, wi-fi internet, laptops, sauna and lots of other stuff included in the price.  
All taxes,government fees and facilities included.  Rates are in the local Icelandic krona currency.  To view prices in your own local currency, please use a currency converter
No discounts
I used to give out discounts for this and that but that was really unfair to the full paying guests and caused malcontent. Instead I just try to keep the price reasonable compared to the guesthouses around us.  
No - there is no discount offered for using a sleeping bag or bringing your own bed linen.  In fact, we discourage it as do most places I know of to reduce the risk of world travelers spreading bed bugs on their journey, a huge problem in the travel industry these days.  We are aware of that risk, inspect the rooms regularly and have bug monitors under the beds to try to prevent such unwanted visits
No - there is no student discount.  Students often have more money at their disposal than people that have to pay off their house, car, taxes and children + you have so many other things going for you it pisses me off so why should I ;)

There are 3 exceptions though where you can get a little 10% discount:  
1.  If you stay for 7 nights or more in winter, 5 nights or more in summer
2.  Are a returning guest that already knows their way around the house
3.  Family discount if you are traveling with your family that is bigger than just the two of you
I have a baby seat and travel cot if you are traveling with a baby, but I should tell you there are two sets of stairs that can be tricky to keep an eye on (same goes for elderly people and clumsy people - I take no responsibility if you fall down the stairs, please be careful).  Nor is it the most ideal place for kids as there is no garden, just a traffic street so could get boring for them unless you bring an ipad.  I have to also mention that the walls are thin here, so worrying if your baby is waking up the whole house could be stressful for you.  That being said, of course everyone has to chill out and realise that kids are awesome and a massive part of this world and of traveling.  I have plenty of earplugs by the front desk and you are very welcome.  Families and kids have always loved it here.  I just wanted you to know the possible problems and think that it is most often cheaper and more relaxed for groups and big families to rent an apartment through airbnb for example
A booking in our house can be made through e-mail or the booking system on this page.  It is only 100% secured once you get a personal confirmation e-mail from me (not simply the automatic one you get right after you book).  Please have patience with me, i'm busy and lazy at the same time and it can take me a few days to get back to you if the booking isn´t a last minute one or the request is urgent.  No deposit is required, just let me know of any changes as soon as you can.  Payment is preferrably upon or soon after arrival because I may not be there when you check out.  We take cash (any currency) and credit cards.  
Things happen.  Please let us know by e-mail as soon as possible if circumstances change and you need to cancel.  There are no cancelation fees.  

I don´t want to stop you from having any adventures that come your way.  If you are already at the guesthouse and decide to change your travel plans and cancel some nights you can do that and get a refund for those nights but please try to plan ahead if you can.  We are a small guesthouse with only a few rooms and too many last minute cancelations will put major dents in our income 
Check in time is 13-ish and Check out time is 11-ish  We are flexible though.  If you arrive early, you can drop off your luggage off under the stairs and go explore until your room is ready or have breakfast and hang out here.  Sometimes it is possible to get right in and take a nap if no one was using the room before you so please e-mail us with your estimated arrival time. Arrival time is also important because there is not always someone at the house to meet you.  I have three small kids that require all my attention before and after school hours so if you plan to arrive before 10 am or after 16 pm you will most likely get a letter left for you by the door with instructions on how you can let yourselves in and start making yourselves at home.   Early or late arrivals are no problem at all though, you just have to be ready for a little self-service.  When you check out you are welcome to leave your luggage here under the stairs and hang out until you have to leave for the airport.

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