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Our House has a fully equipped kitchen you can use at will (stove, microwave, toaster, sandwich maker coffee maker, even a rice cooker bought here by request, refrigerator, freezer, tableware etc.) to cook and store your food.  Breakfast is included although we don’t really serve it, we just stock the fridge and provide a few basics:  Cereal (Cheerios, Corn Flakes & Cocoa Puffs), muesli, oatmeal, milk (whole and skimmed), sandwich bread (cheapest kind), butter, cheese, jam, peanut butter, chocolate spread, juice (apple and orange from concentrate), coffee and tea (black, fruit & green) and there is a friendly little supermarket (Krambúðin on Skólavörðustígur open 8am-23:30pm) right across the street for everything else. And of course there is always pure spring water running through the taps (I know the hot water smells funny to you cause it is natural and has sulfur in it straight from hell, but the cold water is the best in the world).  For larger scale shopping, people go to Bónus (logo is a pink pig on yellow background).  The closes ones are one on Hallveigarstígur and on the middle of the shopping street Laugavegur.  Both are around 5-7 minutes walk away, it just feels longer when you are carrying too many bags. 

  There are  2 and a 1/2 shared bathrooms in the house. The upstairs bathroom has a toilet, a shower and a corner bathtub with hydro-massage jets. The downstairs bathroom has a toilet and a urinal but no shower and then there is the sauna with a shower in the basement but no toilet. Towels are supplied and you can find them in the sauna or the upstairs bathroom.  Do try to put used ones in the laundry room or hang to dry in your own room so we don´t run out.   You can take them with you to the swimming pools or Blue Lagoon if you promise to bring them back.  Now I myself have never stayed in a place with shared bathrooms and don´t think I could but that´s the way this house is set-up as it was built as a home, not a guesthouse.  You will find that most guesthouses downtown have this kind of set-up as well so you will just have to go with the flow.  There can be up to15 people in the house sharing these bathrooms which requires patience or you could end up having the house all to yourself so you could take marathon sauna's or bathtub sessions without guilt.  You never know.  On average there are 5-10 people staying here each night.  

  Laundry.  We have a washing machine and dryer  the guests are free to use.  However, we are almost always washing towels or linen, but you can get lucky sometimes and get your stuff in, especially in the evenings.  

  There is no smoking in the house but you can use the front porch or the spacious rooftop patio (accessible through the upstairs bathroom or a wooden ladder outside) for that or even better, for relaxing in the crispy fresh air with a view of the vibrant neighborhood.  In the winter you can sometimes see the Northern Lights from there if the conditions are right but generally it´s best to get out of the city lights
 There is a TV lounge with a leather couch, a TV, some local and some satellite stations and a DVD player with a random selection of DVD’s.  There are also a couple of small, crappy laptops there for internet browsing.  If you need to print something out, feel free to use the front desk computer. There is  wi-fi so you can also use your laptop or smartphone anywhere in the house should you bring one.  Access code is on the wall by the front desk and also in the printed tour of the house you receive.
  There is a sunroom for hanging out with chairs, a coffee table, record player, brochures, guide books and a small front desk. Desk service is limited and I am rarely there.  If I am around I can help you, but you can always use the phone behind it to call Icelandic phone numbers, book tours, restaurants, airport pickup an such.  This is just a place to stay and I don´t really have time to plan the whole trip for you or be there every step of the way but there are plenty of tourist information and booking offices around town if you need more assistance than I can give.  

You have keys (front door+room) that you should keep with you and since you made it all the way to Iceland I'm sure you can figure things out on your own (I have gotten phonecalls because people couldn´t figure out how to let water out of the bathtub).  You have the answers to most things at your fingertips if the internet is working or at the back of your head if you give it a chance and you can call, e-mail or leave post-it's on the front desk for me or the caretaker if there are any issues.  Talking to other guests that have been here longer than you is useful as well.

  Please keep in mind that the house isn’t very big and you will be sharing these facilities with our other guests. We are not responsible for the way other guests conduct themselves. All we can do is ask for common courtesy and hope you will all get along, have fun and enjoy yourselves!  Everyone is in a good mood when they are on vacation so the atmosphere in the house is usually very friendly, relaxed and enjoyable.  If you get irritated, earplugs (free in a dispenser by the front desk) or one beer usually makes everything better.  Speaking of which, there are no alcoholic beverages sold at the supermarkets.  You have to go to special liquor stores (Vínbúðin) and the closest one is on Austurstræti (the street that takes over from the main shopping street Laugavegur) and is only open till 18pm (closed on Sundays).  Take it easy though, this is not really a party hostel and there is no noise allowed in the house after midnight so you will have to behave and take your party ass downtown in the evenings which is extremely easy as all the bars and cafés are within a 5-7 minute radius from us.  I write on the information board every day before I go home the events and concerts that I know are happening that evening.  Go crazy, but please be quiet when you return to the house late at night to keep the peace with the next door neighbours and out of consideration for the other house guests that may have to get up early for flights and tours.  

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