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Iceland has been around for millions of years, the first resident of Reykjavík moved here in 870 and our house on Kárastígur 12 was built in 1927. We (Hannes & Bedda) renovated it and lived there happily from 2005. We have been so comfortable that our youngest of three children was even born inside the house. In 2010 we moved out but not on and turned it into a guesthouse. You could also call it a hostel or a Bed and breakfast or just a friend´s house.  I run it (Bedda), come over and clean on the weekdays + we have a long-term guest living there to help with things but the guests pretty much take care of themselves.  I know you are on vacation and can get bored but we are rather busy building a new home in the suburbs and taking care of our three kids + Hannes has a building company and I help my friends run a record label.  You get your own key, the facilities are included in the price, and all you have to do is make yourself at home and be an independent traveler.
 Hannes (born 1974)  - housebuilder 
Bedda (born 1977) - current inkeeper // former  teacher and radio host

Bedda and Ernesto the caretaker (volunteers in exchange for a long term room).  Here we are at eating cronut burgers for lunch at the Roadhouse restaurant on Snorrabraut, an awesome place by the way
 Ernesto is a friendly business graduate and world traveler from Cadiz in Spain that only planned to stay in Iceland for a couple of months but has been with us for a couple of years now.  He works for Boreal travel, a Spanish/Icelandic travel agency and knows more stuff about Iceland now than me.  Also, he is around the house more often than I am and quite frankly I don´t know how the we survived before him or will after he leaves.  He is going on a long vacation this fall 2013 and returning in January 2014.  While he is gone, my friend Maggi (not organized at all), a film school student will try to keep things together with me.  

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